Thunderzone Ventures is a social business internet enterprise designed to address customers social objective.

Thunderzone Ventures offer is aimed at fostering the success of its customers through the introduction of innovation along the whole economic digital chain. Given its knowledge of specific solutions and due to a consolidated experience, Thunderzone Ventures addresses the main core issues of the various industrial sectors.

Thunderzone Ventures  offer covers four areas of competence:
  1. Processes: for Thunderzone Ventures the understanding and the use of technologies means  introducing a new enabler for processes, as a result of in-depth knowledge of the  market and of the specific industrial implementation contexts;
  2. Applications: in Thunderzone Ventures the design and implementation of solutions are  aimed at meeting the needs of the core business of customers;
  3. Technologies: in Thunderzone Ventures the use of innovative technologies is optimized to implement  solutions to ensure customers benefit from maximum operational efficiency and  flexibility;
  4. Research & Development: Thunderzone Ventures is the incubator of Social Semantic Search Engine competition designed under federal architecture of symbolism based competitiveness.

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