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The Red Wonder Cros

The Red Wonder Cross was designed by Oren Seren, Master Diamond Cutter of Seren Diamonds, and features 11 fancy red diamonds (0.42-0.93 carats), as well as colorless and blue diamonds, set in white gold. 
Red is the rarest natural color in diamonds. The annual yield of pink to red diamonds would fit in the palm of one hand—and as few as one or two of these may be red. The 11 red diamonds in the Red Wonder Cross were all cut and polished by Seren. 
The cross was completed on December 18, 2008. It has never before been seen by the public and will be on display at the Museum for six months.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Truth about Facebook!

you need to get off facebook

I swear I’ll do it! There’s no talking me down from the ledge this time.

I’ve been contemplating it for months. There are business reasons for doing it, of course. It’s like the cocaine dealer that doesn’t do drugs – they’re always the most successful. I’m not trying to compare Facebook to cocaine here, but I do believe that something can be said about my ability to break down Facebook as a business tool without the interference caused by being a daily user. In essence, by focusing 100% on Facebook as a tool for our business clients, I will be able to deliver them better results.

Still, that’s not the reason that I am considering deleting my account. This is:

If that didn’t inspire you at least a tiny bit, it’s already too late for you. You’re hooked. You’re a lifer.

Those who use Facebook every day (nearing half of the US adult population) may find it difficult to disconnect. There are so many good things about the service, allowing us to stay in touch without friends. The challenge is, are they really “friends” or are they simply acquaintances that you really don’t care about and who really don’t care about you?

It’s LOLocaust. Have you been poked lately?

How ironic would it be if you “Liked” this page on Facebook?

Is Social Media Ruining Students

Is Social Media Ruining Students?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fax sent on 15 April 2011 to Google Inc.

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To:      Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Fax: +1 650-253-0001
            Dr. Larry Page,
Dr. Eric Schmidt,
Dr. Sergey Brin,
Dr. David C. Drummond,
From:  Paolo Pomponi
Thunderzone Ventures Ltd
Limassol, Friday, 15 April 2011
Subject: +1 concept: fraud
We would like you become aware that on March 2010 we sign an NDA with a Google Employer Mr. Nadeem Ahmed. We share our five years research & development of a social search engine vision based on Social +1 concept.  
Our lawyer went over the communication we had with Mr. Nadeem Ahmed and it seemed that he was conning us from the beginning. Meaning his intentions was clear to take advantage of our right. Mr. Nadeem Ahmed took information from us and sold it to Google Inc..
Google Inc. is working with someone who is unscrupulous. We have relevant proof that +1 is discovered by us on 2008. We claim +1 visions that connect Search Engine with Social Network as ours discovery. Google Inc. is publishing technical details that are knowledge coming from us, from our job, from our research, from our invention.
We are victim of Internet fraud, Mr. Nadeem Ahmed approach us asking to deal with iFest foundation before selling the global project to Google Inc., after he took all the information he find excuse to stop the deal.
As victim of Internet fraud, as we invest in this research, as we are inventor with knowledge and experience, as we are a small medium enterprise we inform you that there are illegal things behind the development of your +1 button.
Copyright laws forbid copying or sharing another’s work without his permission, are it writings, music, videos, pictures or any other form of media.  Google Inc. is using something I have created without my permission.
Mr. Nadeem Ahmed has copied. Who has copied, have stolen. Those who steal are thieves. Thieves are criminals. Is Google Inc. is working with criminals that doing fraud on Internet? I find it too hard to believe that Google works with the thieves and swindlers. I believe in the good faith of the board. So the board should know more.
Did Google Inc. know that +1 is the clues that can help profile, improve community, content, opportunities, jobs, research as well involving profile in a unique experience?
Did Google Inc. know that +1:
  •  It is a set of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that, on your own talk with the profile?
  •  It entertains profiles?
  •  Can designs geometrical shape?
  •  Can design picture?
  •  Can designing music?
  •  Can create video?
  •  Can find, on your own, related friendship in a community?
  •  Can find, on your own, opportunities for the citizen of Internet?
  •  It is a driver for social goal?
  •  Can, on your own, automatically post tweet and organizing content without human intervention?
  •  Can be used on financial forecasts?
Did you know that +1 trying to connect and explain the power of cycle? Did you know that It use “number As a Service” concept for third parties involvements? Source material can be anything at all: Fractals, DNA, EEGs, EKGs, stock quotes, you name it. Built in data extraction reads-data from virtually any source, an extensive DNA editor that can opens mountains of public domain genetic sequences to explore.
I am the man who created “Google’s +1 button concept.”, I am the man that knows the secrets of  +1, after you know that +1 is a stolen concept, are you sure that you are using it in the right way?
I hope that the evolution of technology and human interaction with computers goes beyond a simple battle for market leadership. Fact is that Facebook is 'better than you in the market of social networks. At least they are original.
With my best regards
Paolo Pomponi

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The prove that +1 Google Button is Stolen as well Copied concept.

+1 Google Button is a copied concept.

On Saturday, 27 May 2010 my company, Thunderzone Ventures Ltd, sign with Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, Sr. Product Manager of Google and Advisor of ifest an NDA (Non Discloser Agreement) for the reason that Mr. Nadeem Ahmed want to know full details about my 5 years web 3.0 research based on +1 concept. for the purpose that they want to incapsulate it into an agreement between my company and iFest and than offer it to Google Inc. for a new venture and investment. The purpose of Mr. Nadeem Ahmed was to give to google inc the solution to block facebook in his escalation on the market. Many time Mr. Nadeem Ahmed declare that Google Inc want a solution to see facebook dead.

After I share all and full technical details (here only a part of course) of my technologies based on +1, around end of may 2010 Mr. Nadeem Ahmed as well President of iFest Mr. Mike Snyder (I also sign  an NDA with the him), totally disappear, they find excuse that they are not able to come to cyprus to find me, they dont want to continue talking by skype or email... the completely stop talking with me.

Behind the new proposal of Google +1 Button there is a stolen intellectual property right.

I discover it only few hours before, I already write an email to, as well for an explanation, for now i did not receive any feedback from them.

I am an Internet Old Entrepreneur, an online marketer with a great vision as well I am developing the solution that aim to reward people that generate content on social network, I really dont believe that a so big company like google is going around the web an fuck totally people, researcher and scientist, they are going all over the web, promising money and than they disappear.

+1 Research cost me a lot, five entire years of job for web 3.0, almost 500.000 euro investment. Now what i can say to see my concept on the market ? As a marketer, be sure from now the war start against Google. I am very up sad and disappointed how the market is going, where is the professional side of the company? Google need to steal to fight facebook?

This is the first articles that i publish, in the next few hours i will know more, my lawyer is already informed also professional journalist close to me: the war against google start now.

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Any comment are welcome.
Paolo Pomponi

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Socionomics vs. Socioeconomics

People sometimes give socionomics the misnomer “socioeconomics." Here are the key differences between the two fields.
  • Socionomics is the study of how social mood motivates social actions. It studies how waves of social mood regulate changes in social behavior, including changes in the economy, political preferences, financial markets and popular culture.

  • Socioeconomics is the study of the social results of economic changes. Its goal is to monitor and evaluate how changing economic conditions interact with shifting social conditions to influence the economy and the economic status of people.

Socionomists and socioeconomists examine changes in the social environment and the economy, but socionomists propose that social mood is the primary cause behind those changes and have a model that anticipates them through action:

What is an action in Web 3.0 Online Social Network ?

NOTE: Point-and-click is the action of a computer user moving a cursor to a certain location on a screen (point) and then pressing a mouse button.

In web 3.0 Social Action refers to an act, which takes into account the actions (click & post) and reactions (click & post) from others related profiles. According to Paolo Pomponi, "an Action is 'social' if the Social Software takes account of the behavior of others and is thereby oriented in its course".

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