Saturday, April 9, 2011

The prove that +1 Google Button is Stolen as well Copied concept.

+1 Google Button is a copied concept.

On Saturday, 27 May 2010 my company, Thunderzone Ventures Ltd, sign with Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, Sr. Product Manager of Google and Advisor of ifest an NDA (Non Discloser Agreement) for the reason that Mr. Nadeem Ahmed want to know full details about my 5 years web 3.0 research based on +1 concept. for the purpose that they want to incapsulate it into an agreement between my company and iFest and than offer it to Google Inc. for a new venture and investment. The purpose of Mr. Nadeem Ahmed was to give to google inc the solution to block facebook in his escalation on the market. Many time Mr. Nadeem Ahmed declare that Google Inc want a solution to see facebook dead.

After I share all and full technical details (here only a part of course) of my technologies based on +1, around end of may 2010 Mr. Nadeem Ahmed as well President of iFest Mr. Mike Snyder (I also sign  an NDA with the him), totally disappear, they find excuse that they are not able to come to cyprus to find me, they dont want to continue talking by skype or email... the completely stop talking with me.

Behind the new proposal of Google +1 Button there is a stolen intellectual property right.

I discover it only few hours before, I already write an email to, as well for an explanation, for now i did not receive any feedback from them.

I am an Internet Old Entrepreneur, an online marketer with a great vision as well I am developing the solution that aim to reward people that generate content on social network, I really dont believe that a so big company like google is going around the web an fuck totally people, researcher and scientist, they are going all over the web, promising money and than they disappear.

+1 Research cost me a lot, five entire years of job for web 3.0, almost 500.000 euro investment. Now what i can say to see my concept on the market ? As a marketer, be sure from now the war start against Google. I am very up sad and disappointed how the market is going, where is the professional side of the company? Google need to steal to fight facebook?

This is the first articles that i publish, in the next few hours i will know more, my lawyer is already informed also professional journalist close to me: the war against google start now.

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Paolo Pomponi


  1. I am thinking, how people can do like this..
    if companies like Google will do this how small companies will survive

    It needs ACTION.

  2. I just think you could have known that a Giant like Google should NOT be given all the "share all and full technical details" without any control. It is NOT in the interest of any big company that little ones survive. And look how Microsoft stole ideas from Apple... yet Apple still survives. Just do what you can to get your rights back, make a scandal etc. (evt with a broad viral campaign) But also please go on with your work, spread the word and make something even better/greater that the world can use.

  3. Giants like Google and other organizations do these despicable acts and people read these as news and thats the end of it like how you are reading right now. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO ABOUT THIS ?

    The world in which we live and the world we want to live in unfortunately has deep chasms, and acts such as these widens and deepens those chasms, instead of uniting communities and players involved in uniting this world.

    NOW is the time for us to wake up, come together and be a part of that Vision and Action team to make this world a better place to live which still is I BELIEVE . . . DO YOU ? IF YOU DO, then join hands, SHARE this and get back to us

    Sensei Raj
    Humanitarian . Athlete . Strategist .

  4. There is a lot of attention in Sweden these days regarding the situation for innovators and their IPR, much of it is because of what has happened to Håkan Lans (

    Here his is a translation of an article jointly written by Håkan Lans and Johan Ullman, another Swedish inventor, regarding the situation for inventors in Sweden: "Stop the predatory pursuit of inventors"

    It will be interesting to see if e.g. the web and social media will play a role in the future to somewhat even out the odds.

    Anders Widgren

  5. I come across these types of individuals ALL the time. It doesn't really matter what their race, education, national origin, country, social status, income, gender or religion is. It is really a sad commentary on the state of mankind.