Saturday, December 18, 2010

If Me (+1) and You (?)

We will be synchronized, it will rise a new dimension.

Social Semantic Search Engine competition. Is a Website enabling to search by member in rank and power competition data stored in the unique semantic post modern database. It is a money-based community; working in Revenue Sharing by members level following the successful rules of Internet Affiliate marketing business model.

Tanks to the rapid evolution of technology on the Internet, for the very first time in history, the tools and techniques that once enabled big business to dominate industries are now available at prices to the smallest companies and even on an individuals level will be able to afford it. We are aware that building a business can be difficult; time consuming, and even overwhelming. That is why it is so important to have access to the latest suites of online tools and the opportunity to find like minded individuals to build the right team. Whatever members in the community of users seek in terms of business, private interests, hobbies, or relationships, the tools embedded and our continuously learning CR semantic search capability can quickly and easily find for them.

The applications is for community of registered users and are almost without limit. For example, the tools and features that we are gathering to be made available in our organized virtual community include Cloud Business Applications (CBA) such as online real time and asynchronous resources useful for data-mining, online buying and selling, auctions, customer relationship management, crowd-sourcing, and semantic search. In addition, we seek to help scientist to find new pathways for collaboration and developing relation and co-operation leading to new treatments for curing diseases. We will organize and enable educators and students to hold classes and explore project based learning opportunities, both in formal schools and informally through specialized training programs. We will enable public policy makers and private sector decision makers to gather input from citizens and customers, and better engage in full-duplex two-way street communication with their constituents. Our community will also target the information and communication needs of journalists and their readers, and we will help researchers and practitioners to come together to preserve our planet's precious resources.

The team behind FEE has discovered technologies that allow users to create, design and move Φ-avatar for themselves, according to their own individual needs and preferences (CR day by day structured Activities). The movements of each Avatar, will have memory & mapping & cartography in a geographic map, with a symbolic system. CR chorography1, village-by-village (day by day structured activities) survey of the 'country real life journey', resulting mapping and descriptions of language, location, major, church, saints, monuments, antiquities, local and manorial customs, and property ownership. As the Φ-avatar finds them in his own day. That Chorography composes and animates an interactive online virtual environment, an excursion throughout the historical community background in a blink of an eye, through a proprietary system we want to develop. For us, evolution on the Internet equals broad social benefit and personal profits.

The platform works on principles of chorography to fill the pieces of a puzzle that will enable, for example: traveling via historical data archives into the past, as well as connecting the community together to transform the Internet economy into a better future with improved social consciousness for the World. Establishing the tools and the entry point for users to engage in the Jigsaw Puzzle game is the key.

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