Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Assess your Social Business Maturity Level.

As I continue to help my visitors in regards to social business, the need for social media objectives comes with EVERY project. Creating a “SMART” objective for social media initiatives are just as important as creating objectives for any other part of a business or organization. 

In this post I will go over some of the most common social media objectives that are used. However, I am not going to make them as targeted date-wise because this will determine on each person or organizations social media goals.

  1. Grow our blogs newsletter subscription by 25% within 3 months
  2. Produce 2 live episodes (1 per month) of “FAQ’s” and achieve an average viewership of 50 by month 3
  3. Produce 7 status updates for Facebook Fan Page per week in regards to blog posts, questions, and external sources.
  4. Require each team member to leave 3 comments per week on other industry blogs
  5. Generate a friendship with 5 new individuals per week by acknowledging their interests and activities
This is 5 of the MANY social media objective possibilities. There could be 1000′s of them. As I said before, it all depends on your goals. All social media objectives MUST be based off of current goals. Social Media should not be used just because everyone else is doing it and that is where the people are. Create objectives so that your initiatives can be measured.
Assess your Social Business Maturity Level.
If you scored between 0  and 6  , your program is at the Novice level.
If you scored between 7 and 12  , your program is at the Intermediate level.
If you scored between 13  and 18   , your program is at the Advanced level.

If you need help formulating social media objectives, feel free to contact me to assist you.

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