Sunday, February 27, 2011

LinkedIn blocked in China, a happy day for Chinese clones

As of 10pm Shanghai time, reports are pouring in that LinkedIn too has now succumbed to the Great Firewall. I can’t access it from Shanghai without using circumvention technology like a virtual private network. Sometimes such blockages are temporary, but I’m guessing this one has permanent implications.

LinkedIn allows users to connect their accounts with Twitter, so that they can both tweet from LinkedIn and share their tweets on LinkedIn. Until now, LinkedIn was the easiest way to access Twitter in China.

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A Happy Day for Chinese Clones

One promising recent entrant is, a dual English-Chinese network, which has targeted a crowd of tech elite and investors, just as LinkedIn did to start. And to be fair, does have a fair number of localized features to accommodate its Chinese and China-focused expat user base.

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