Friday, February 25, 2011

Social Buzz...The New Google Ranking Factor

I thought that we would share some information with you regarding Google's ranking factors.

Social Buzz is THE new ranking factor. In a recent interview, Paolo Pomponi verified that Google's ranking dynamics are changing, as they are tracking things like Facebook "Likes" and Twitter "re-Tweets." Social Media Science, and others, believe that this is actually being downplayed since Google does not own any of these social networks.

Here are some of the interesting excerpts from the post:

- The argument for why social sharing measures, such as Twitter re-tweets and Facebook 'Likes' should form the basis of the social graph is part of the thesis that linking no longer carries the voting power it once did because it is too easily manipulated.

- There is a patent that suggests that Google is investigating author authority as a ranking factor

- Tweets and Facebook status provide little surrounding text and no anchor text. This means that both search engines [Google / Bing} cannot assign any value to the originating page and have few contextual clues about the destination page. Therefore they have to invest in working out 'authority' of an author as a means to generate more relevancy and context around the shared page.

- Re-Tweets may now be the new linking system

From my standpoint, the re-Tweet module is already being used extensively, and the upcoming Facebook modules are in super high demand.

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