Saturday, January 1, 2011

Facebook Tagging, Why you ask?

One of my very favorite Facebook features is the ability to Tag people and pages in your posts. Tagging is a great way to make a post viral! When you Tag someone in a post the post will appear not only on your wall, but also on the wall of the person you Tag.This greatly increase the eye balls looking at your post! In order to Tag someone in a post, you must either be a friend or a fan of that person or page. Simply use/type the @ sign, then the name of the person or page you want to type. A drop down window will appear under your post, and you will need to select the name of the person you are tagging. In the previous post below, I tagged one of our clients, in a post of or our property of the week we featured his new virtual home tour.He has both a Profile page and a Fan Page, so I was able to choose which one I wanted to Tag. I choose to Tag his Profile Page. Then I typed the name of his Office, and Tagged the office Fan Page in this post too! So my one post showed up on THREE pages! Another really great tagging tip is to tag your sellers, this is an incredible way to get an indirect endorsement from your client to the their friends.

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