Saturday, January 8, 2011

Power Engine!!!!

Our core beliefs define who we are, what we believe and form the basis of our approach in how we serve our clients.

DreamPOTENTIAL: We believe that every individual has potential waiting to be unleashed.

We treat every individual we interact with in a unique way as we believe everyone possesses different gifts, talents and strengths. Our solutions are then customized to the individual person and individual organizations based on who they are. Our curiosity and care for people drives our passion and desire to bring out the best in each person we interact with.

Cultural_DiversityINTEGRATION: We believe in the power of integrating diversity to soar to new levels.

Each organization, team, and group is made up of people who have different experiences, backgrounds, thought processes, personalities and passions. We help organizations understand the differences so that they can be celebrated and then designed to integrate and leverage the differences that will always exist. Accepting differences can be uncomfortable. We support our clients through this painful adaptation.

togetherTOGETHER: We believe that one plus one can be more than two.

We believe that things are better together and greater goals can be accomplished when people work together towards that goal. We focus on helping teams and organizations come together to collaborate to overcome challenges and achieve goals they would not otherwise achieve on their own. We help set new aspirations and design how people will work together most effectively;

communityCOMMUNITY: We believe in having a double bottom line – serving both corporations and community to broaden impact.

As leaders, we believe we have the capacity to impact change. With this capacity comes responsibility to positively impact the world – whether it’s our local communities, companies, organizations or nations. Our firm is committed to contributing a percentage of our revenue to serving our communities through in-kind services and donations.

honesty in loveHONESTY IN LOVE: We have a relentless desire for truth, transparency and honesty with ourselves and our clients.

Our desire for sustainable impact causes us to keep an open, constantly questioning mind. We seek to understand truth, fact and root cause to develop the optimal solution for our clients. Our counseling, consulting and assessments come from our care for the individual person. If needed, we deliver hard messages to catalyze positive transformation.

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