Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is all about care. Symbols and Representation

In Unified Theories of Cognition, Allen Newell defines intelligence as: the degree to which a system approximates a knowledge-level system. Perfect intelligence is defined as the ability to bring all the knowledge a system has at its disposal to bear in the solution of a problem (which is synonymous with goal achievement).
A natural question to ask about symbols and representation is what is a symbol? Allen Newell considered this question in Unified Theories of Cognition. He differentiated between symbols (the phenomena in the abstract) and tokens (their physical instantiations). Tokens "stood for" some larger concept. They could be manipulated locally until the information in the larger concept was needed, when local processing would have to stop and access the distal site where the information was stored. The distal information may itself be symbolically encoded, potentially leading to a graph of distal accesses for information.
Now there are two more question: Where are you been? What time is it?
Is all about care. If you care you P.A.C. If you P.A.C. you love it!  
For you, now, is only one question.... What is P.A.C ?

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