Saturday, January 8, 2011

FORBES: The Next Internet Disaster, and the Next…

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    Quentin: Excellent piece, thanks. But I think you should send Davidow a copy of Schumpeter’s 1942 classic, From Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, so he can perhaps relax a bit.
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      Good call, Mike, but he doesn’t believe in the market as some paranormal force, universally self-correcting and headed for the good. It’s just better than anything else. But at this level of connectivity and scale, he’s saying, little bad things can turn into great big ones that overwhelm the system.
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    @Mr. Quentin. Fantastic your post… let me enter in your conversation.
    Consider Using Social Media to Grow Your Own “ME” in a Friendly timely coincidence Way.

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    I was saying the same thing to my wife, just the other day.
    Regarding your comment, “What time is it?” — I once knew some guys who were building a global billing system. With a constant clock, there was no stop-point, so the question “what time is it?” became urgent. The answer they came up with was “yes.”
    Others have preferred “42.”
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      For century’s ancestors ensure their survival living in constant harmony with the different rhythms of the moon. At the beginning, watching with concentrating eyes in the subject of the needs, without any reason. Unconsciously.

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