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Top 5 Things That Might Happen If Facebook Is Dead |

Top 5 Things That Might Happen If Facebook Is Dead

Why are there so many people on the streets wearing black arm bands on black shirts? They are from various families. Why are there so many families bereaved simultaneously? There was no calamity or neither national nor local catastrophe which could have claimed so many lives. It is not only queer but quite fear inducing to see all these black arm bands including on my nephew – WHAT?
Hey! Who died in our family?
Everyone – Facebook died.
What? Facebook died!
As a technology blogger, my world went dark when I knew my teenage nephew got the news before me. I realized that the platform where people are not relatives but where their photos and ethereal psyche are is no longer in existence. Facebook is considered to be the “be all and end all” by countless people all over the globe. Some even log on to their page on Facebook before even brushing their teeth. So it is no wonder that there are terrified looks on these individuals wearing black arm bands. Their world has collapsed. They are in a canoe rapidly falling over the Niagara Falls without a single paddle.
It led me to contemplate what would happen to these people now that the Facebook was dead and gone. There must be colossal void in their lives. They would be like zombies and walk through their days and nights in a very listless manner. The Facebook generation has become so used to sharing their personal intimacies with their friends over the air that they have forgotten what it is to meet face to face. It is like meeting on the stairs and one says to the other – “I am Warlock” and the other replies – “I am Lockwar” and they have been neighbors since childhood. Such is the great intimacy that has been missing due to the Facebook hype and now that it is dead, it should all come back to pre- Facebook normalcy. But that will not be happening because there will always be someone to fill the void. There is no vacuum in nature. And man-made business vacuums are filled up automatically by competitors. So if Facebook is dead then maybe ‘Facenovel’, ‘Pimp My Face’ or ‘Headbook’ will arise.
The Facebook icons you can't live without
The Facebook icons you can't live without
The second thing which may happen if Facebook died is that people will meet new friends and that also in real life, and not merely in reel or byte life. Loss of Facebook may not allow people to correspond with each other for they will now feel that even emails are prehistoric things from the dinosaurs’ era. For now, no live chatting will actually be ‘live’ and not through some wired electronic media. Facebook has completely altered the meaning ofchatting between friends. Chatting as per Facebook is clicking away on the keyboard without a face to face interaction while you update your status and browse through photos.
The third thing that would happen if Facebook is dead is that the competing social networks like Twitter would get the benefit of the diverted traffic. But then there will be an overload on these networks because nearly 500 million Facebook ex-members will be logging on to the server. The result being Twitter will crash and be inaccessible on the web for a day or two.
Facobook - The social media giant
Facobook - The social media giant
The fourth action will be that people will take to blogging since now Facebook will be missing and the time religiously devoted to talking on Facebook will now be diverted to blogging and even may be utilized in cafes for personal interaction. Important superfluous things will not be discussed on Facebook but there will be blogs devoted to these topics. In the good old days, the arrival of the postman was eagerly awaited by all (even the local canines) just to read the letter sent by a beloved now staying somewhere far away. With Facebook dead, perhaps some will want to divert to the olden days if these people hate writing emails.
The fifth thing which might shatter this wired life is the absence of any exchange of pictures and intimate details about themselves. Now there will be no urge to post self shoots and description of all that is happening in one’s personal life on the Facebook. Thus one’s privacy will return for details posted on the Facebook are – sorry were on display for all to view. Imagine reading about the neighborhood’s stud touching home base with your daughter – most informative and enlightening nay!
Disclaimer: Facebook is NOT dead yet. This is just an article to predict the chaos if the popular social mediagiant collapses. . . Now, you can stop crying.

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